Terms and Conditions

HomoeopathyCures.com takes no responsibility of self medication by patient(s) based on the treatment given to a particular patient of the same disease in the testimonials or informative sections.

HomoeopathyCures.com advises for online consultation only if patient is clear about symptoms and understands the way homeopathy works. We would advice patient should be prepared for his symptoms and reports etc. Critical patients are advised to undertake physical visit to the clinic and do not opt for this option.

It is important to note that while consulting online we believe the client fully in diagnosis, prescription of the problem. We would highly depend on the conditions told by the patient. So medicine would be for the conditions told by patient and his behavior, nature, etc. explained during case taking. We also keep the audio recordings during consultation of the patient(s), which we listen sometimes again to reach best medicine.

Homeopathy medicines HomoeopathyCures.com do not claim any claims & damages/ responsibility in any form for the diagnosis undertaken online.

We feel though our terms and conditions may appear harsh but just to avoid the misuse of the online prescription system and sharing information on homeopathy. Genuine patients can definitely get advantage of saving time or living at distant places from clinic.